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Book a Massage with Nicola  

Nicola offers many specialist massages therapies. If you are not sure which is most suitable we would recommend a deep tissue massage for general relaxation and tension release. 


  • Deep tissue massage: Whole body, or any part in particular need of attention.
  • Gentle aromatherapy: Relaxing essential oils, long fluid strokes. 
  • Myofascial: Release the 'issues in your tissues'. Deep work on the fascia surrounding the muscles to release physical and emotional holding patterns that have become habitual. 
  • Hopi ear candling: Ear, nose, sinus trouble etc. Have your face, neck and ears gently massaged to loosen congestion and relieve pressure. Let an ear candle gently vacuum the ear canal and balance pressure.
  • Sports massage: Deep remedial muscle work. 
  • Facial rejuvenation: Using organic products, allow your face, neck and shoulders time-out to relax. Using ancient Japanese acupressure points, facial lymphatic drainage and a gentle neck and shoulder massage, encourage lines and signs of ageing to fade away.
  • Hot stone massage: Warmed volcanic basalt stones to work on tissues, easing and relaxing tired muscles. Very comforting. Warm lava shells or a heated bamboo stick are also available. 
  • TMJ: Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome is pain in the jaw joint. This treatment releases tension in your jaw that may be contributing to headaches, jaw problems and teeth grinding. 
  • Mayan Abdominal massage: This is great for digestive issues (IBS, Crohn's, constipation etc.) and for all fertility issues (infertility, menstrual pain and irregularities, menopause- pre or post). It is also useful if you are detoxing. 
  • Thai Massage
  • Indian head and shoulder massage: Sitting in a chair, in the office, stay fully clothed and have a 10 or 20-minute massage to counteract office posture. 
  • Pregnancy and postnatal massage: Ease those aches and pains whilst pregnant and help to bring your body back to balance and realignment after birth. 
  • Fire cupping: Glass cups are used to create a vacuum to work deep into muscles and in Chinese terms, clear stagnation and bring renewed vigor to a problem area. 
  • Baby massage for parents: Learn the skills to massage your own baby, strengthening the bonding experience and allowing the baby to totally relax and feel deeply nurtured
  • Reflexology: relaxing foot massage, treat the whole body by treating the feet
  • Scar work: no matter how old or deep the scar, this gentle, painless massage technique can help treat and avoid adhesions and fascial sticking, working to loosen layers of tissue affected by surgery, and injury
  • Bone work: based on the work from the USA, this subtle technique works on the fascia of the actual bone - gently coaxing it towards its original alignment​
  • Closing The Bones: Post-natal belly massage/ritual welcoming of the new baby and the new mother after birth. This is suitable for just the mother or can be done with loved ones present​
  • Chakra Massage: A course of 7 massages, with each session focusing on one of the chakras, using touch, sound and breath​
  • Cannabis Salve massage: (£50 1 hour)

  • Pelvic floor massage: Internal work on the pelvic floor to work out deeply held armouring and tension. Incorporates Nei Tsang and Chi Nei Tsang-Taoist practices based around the belly and genitals. Women only. £50 per hour.

  • Facial acupuncture: Incorporating gua sha, with organic jojoba and shea butter, lymphatic drainage of face and neck, acupuncture needles on facial area. Improves both the appearance of the face and relieves tension. It is recommended to include massage of the belly in this technique, as working on digestion aids the clearing of the lymphatic system and therefore the appearance of the face. But this is not essential for those who prefer face only. It is recommended that this is bought in a course of 5, for optimal effect. £50 per hour or 5 sessions for £220.
Massage Prices:

£30 - 30 mins

£40 - 45 mins

£50 - 60 mins

£70 - 90 mins


Mobile massage is available in Lancaster and surrounding areas for £50 per hour and the minimum is 2 hours.


To book a massage please text me with the day and time you would like, I am not currently taking online bookings. Evenings, Saturdays and Sundays are also available 

Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are available. Please text for a gift certificate and I can post one out to you or the recipient.

Contact Nicola: 07872 517336 or find us on Facebook

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