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"Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness,  which unites your body to your thoughts"
-  Thich Nhat Hanh

My name is Nicola. I was introduced to Rebirthing Breathwork over 10 years ago. It has dramatically changed my life and allowed me to live a more confident life with more awareness of myself.

After a degree in English Literature and raising 7 children, including homeschooling and travelling the world for over ten years, I have had a huge range of jobs from owning my own bookshop, to running my own cafe. Breathwork is an exciting and dynamic tool for change. Instead of being a solely talking therapy, it is a body-based psychotherapy, which works on deeply-held emotional wounds, habits and limitations. Learning to breath seems like a simple and automatic function, but learning to breathe properly, to help shift your state and shift your consciousness, is a much undervalued skill - used wisely, we can truly transform our lives and take more control of the direcction in which we want to move.

Breathwork can help with:


Self esteem issues

Confidence issues

Previous sexual trauma

Relationship problems

Feeling stuck

Birth trauma

Eating disorders

General well-being

Finding your life purpose

learning deep relaxation

Stress relief

Accessing altered states of consciousness

Our first breath has a huge impact on how we hold our bodies for the rest of our lives. Often, stress and trauma leave a lasting impression on our style of breathing: we breath in a more shallow pattern to suppress our emotions, in order to survive.

Breathwork is a great way to explore what our bodies have held in and learn to live a more complete life by opening up the breath, releasing what is stored on a physical level.

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