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A Pregnancy Retreat In Luxury 

A Weekend To Prepare You Both For Birth

Friday 21st - Monday 24th February 2020

Join Nicola in the beautiful Broughton Hall Estate, for a relaxing and educational weekend, preparing you for birth and early parenthood. This course is for expectant mothers and birth partners, giving you both confidence and peace of mind before the biggest day of your lives.


This weekend will help you know what to expect, how to deal with different situations and how to make informed decisions about your birth. It will also teach you how a birth partner can provide effective support during birth.  


How Prepared Are You?

Is this your first birth or are you hoping for a better birth than previously?

  • Do you have fears and anxiety around the birth experience?

  • Would you like tools and techniques for learning to relax and let go of fear?

  • Would you like your birth partner to be amply equipped emotionally and practically - so they can fully support you in your pregnancy, birth and beyond?

  • Are you uncertain about what labour entails and whether you will be able to navigate such a momentous event?

  • Would you like to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? 

  • Take time out with your partner and enjoy time and space together surrounded by nature and peace and quiet? 

  • Would you like your baby to experience you in a state of rest and relaxation - with time just to be fully focussed on letting go of stress and busyness?

If you answered YES to any of theses, this weekend may be just what you are looking for, get in touch with Nicola to book. 

Learning With Nicola 

Nicola is an Antenatal teacher, Doula (Birth and Post Natal), Pregnancy yoga teacher, Hypnobirth teacher, Massage therapist (including baby massage teacher). She is an NLP practitioner and Breathwork trainer.

She also has a wealth of her own experience as a mother of 7. 


Nicola has been working in this area for over 20 years and has a successful wellness centre called Exhale in Lancaster. 

She has trained worldwide and specialises in relaxation, bodywork and using the breath for pregnancy and birth.

Birth Partner 


Is Your Birth Partner Prepared?

Do you both have enough evidence-based information to support you in this life-changing journey?

7 Things to Consider

What To Expect On The Weekend 

  • Pregnancy yoga 

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for labour 

  • Active birth positions 

  • How to support your birthing partner - tips and suggestions 

  • Delicious organic plant-based food from award-winning on-site restaurant Utopia

  • Free time for you to rest, explore the wonderful surroundings and recharge

  • Hypnobirthing techniques 

  • Advanced breathing techniques to change your state and gain clarity and focus 

  • A one-hour pregnancy massage and an hour's bodywork for the birth partner (deep tissue massage)

  • Tips for postnatal recovery 

The Broughton Hall Estate

- dating from 1097.

Set within the beautiful Yorkshire Dales,

the 3,000-acre Estate is a wondrous mix of rolling meadow pastures, ancient woodland, heather moorland, wild reservoirs, and meandering rivers.

Find out more here about the location and accommodation during the retreat! 


This is a wholesome and deeply nurturing long weekend, relaxing in a luxurious location. The days will be full of invaluable learning but also restorative practices and nutritional, plant-based and seasonal food, all sourced locally. 


Are you able to relax and assist your birthing partner to relax in a potentially stressful labour?


Are you able to fully hold space so that she feels safe, protected, secure and nurtured - so she can get on with the business of giving birth unhindered!


Do you know how to create the ideal conditions of a birth environment?


Are you able to ask the medical staff the most pertinent questions if needed?


Are you anxious to know what to do if things take an unexpected turn?


Are you clear on what the birthing mother really requires of you in the birth environment?


Are you prepared for the realities of the first few weeks of parenthood and the inevitable changes to your relationship?


Dates and Timings:

Arrival- Friday 21st February 2020 

4 pm 


Saturday and Sunday 

8.30am- 9.00pm. (Including all meals and time to rest throughout the day) 

Monday 24th

check out by 10.00-am 

Final Lunch Optional  



The total cost is £1,100 per couple (No hidden extras). 

What's Included in the Price?

Nutritious Food - 3 Nights Accommodation - All Lessons and Therapies - Access To Ongoing Advice And Support From Nicola

This is the most luxurious retreat available with the most desirable location and extensive range of therapies and education.

LIMITED availability, this course is the most popular and in very high demand, contact Nicola to book now. 

 Nicola also offers day courses and free advice and support to low-income mothers so please reach out if this may be of use to you.

Currently, this course runs only once a year, this may increase soon due to popularity.  


Contact Nicola to BOOK NOW  to secure your place. 

Weekend Schedule

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